Friday, August 19, 2011

Another update

I don't have any pictures for this one.. Just an update. Todd is doing good. He has hearing back in his ears. its not all back put its better than it was. They dont know if it was time or if it was the steroids that made it better. I really don't care why it came back, i am happy that it is. I read over my last posts and cried to myself. I look at my posts and think gosh I dont really have anything that matters to people.. I decided that it does not matter what I post for other people its what i post for me to read. I can read them and feel what I felt when I wrote them.

I am going to try to do better for my self. So that I can remember the things that I want to. So on with the show already.

Its the last weekend before Morgan goes back to school as and 8th grader. Boy how does time fly. Connor is going into a new school this year. He is way excited to be a 5th grader...and little miss princess T. Well preschool is next week. I am sure that I will have lots of stories for that kid. We had to tell her teacher that she talks like a sailor and she will let you know that she thinks shes tha boss.. For me well I am going back to school.. kind of. I started a online Medical Transcript editor class. I am wanting to be done with with early next year so that I can do it part time and then go full time. I am not happy at my job. I love the people that I work with but I am not happy with them at the same time. I see way to much saddness and not a lot of happy, when I am on my unit. who knew that 5years of doing the same thing and you could still cry going home at least 2 times a week and I don't even get to watch the worst of it.

ok happy again not mad mindy I need to keep telling myself that and what a better way then to talk about the kids.

Morgan wants to start up dance again and so does trinity. That all starts this tuesday.

Connor started football up again.. that kid can really tackle some kids... I LOVE IT.

Well that is all for now. I will have get you some pictures of the first days of school, dance and some football pictures.
O and Todd sold his jeep.. WHAT THE I know.. he loves the thing but hates to work on it. O well I hope he doesn't look back and kick his self.

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